don’t eat swordfish

Fron Oneworld:

Driftnetting Swordfish is a quintessential Mediterranean dish and one that thousands of Britons will tuck into as they holiday in the region over the coming weeks, but as the new report, “Illegal Driftnetting in the Mediterranean” reveals illegal driftnets, which have a devastating on the Mediterranean’s marine wildlife, are being used to catch swordfish.

Up to one-quarter of Mediterranean swordfish are caught using illegal driftnets, which were banned from global use in the early 1990s. Known as ‘walls of death’ because of their devastating impact on non-target marine species such as whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks and seabirds, these nets can be tens of miles long and continue to be used by an estimated 600 vessels from Italy, France, Morocco and Turkey.

“Swordfish is clearly not a sustainable choice for the responsible consumer,” continues Trent. “The EU and national governments have failed in their duty to manage swordfish stocks responsibly, but holiday makers can simply choose not to eat swordfish when they dine out this summer”.

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