The 100 Sexiest Cars in the World

From Top Gear:

Screenhunter_06_may_30_2114Ford Mustang Fastback: bigger than Steve McQueen

Forget all the film-star nonsense, the Mustang Fastback is a star in its own right -though if you’re going to get pedantic, then you need a post-’67 car with the wide front track.

Better still, you should get a ‘GT’ with disc brakes, firmed-up suspension and extra-loud exhaust. Don’t worry that the rear-quarter panel scoops are fake, just enjoy the fact that if you were serious enough, then the ‘Cobra Jet’ versions culminated in the 428Ci GT500KR (or ‘King of the Road’) that produced a not-inconsiderable 500bhp. There are also, apparently, some films that feature this car…

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