Politics behind “Hunger”

I googled Knut Hamsun recently searching for a commentary on “Hunger” and came across this interesting essay:

Mark Deavin in National Vanguard Magazine:

Knut Hamsun and the cause of Europe

Knut After fifty years of being confined to the Orwellian memory hole created by the Jews as part of their European “denazification” process, the work of the Norwegian author Knut Hamsun–who died in 1952–is reemerging to take its place among the greatest European literature of the twentieth century. All of his major novels have undergone English-language reprints during the last two years, and even in his native Norway, where his post-1945 ostracism has been most severe, he is finally receiving a long-overdue recognition.

Of course, one debilitating question still remains for the great and good of the European liberal intelligentsia, ever eager to jump to Jewish sensitivities. As Hamsun’s English biographer Robert Ferguson gloomily asked himself in 1987: “Could the sensitive, dreaming genius who had created beautiful love stories . . . really have been a Nazi?” Unfortunately for the faint hearts of these weak-kneed scribblers, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Not only was Knut Hamsun a dedicated supporter of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist New Order in Europe, but his best writings–many written at the tail end of the nineteenth century–flow with the essence of the National Socialist spirit and life philosophy.

UPDATE 5/21/07: I am removing this link to make it clear that neither I nor anyone else at 3QD, has any sympathy for, much less support any of the beliefs, ideals or goals of the publication where this article was found. It was an unfortunate and regrettable oversight on my part.