Top Ten Videos of 2006 From National Geographic News

From National Geographic:

The stealthy ways of snakes, the plight of African elephants, and some of the animal kingdom’s mightiest battles topped the list of this year’s most popular videos from National Geographic News. Replay the year in science, nature, and exploration with 2006’s top ten videos.

10. Kitty Cam Reveals Killers in Our Midst
Is your furry bundle of joy an invasive ecological disaster? Get a cat’s-eye view of one pet’s nightly prowl to see how effectively kitty can kill. Watch the Video >>

9. Antarctica’s Big Meltdown
A study released in March reported that Antarctica has been losing ice rapidly—the equivalent of about 40 trillion gallons (151 trillion liters) of water a year. Learn what this big melt may mean for the future. Watch the Video >>

8. Anaconda Stalks World’s Largest Rodent
Watch as a female anaconda in Venezuela hunts down a capybara—the world’s largest rodent—and swallows her meal whole. Watch the Video >>

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