The Daily News on the Apartment Scam

Beth Ann’s experience with a craigslist scam makes the New York Daily News:


The phone calls kept coming, all from people interested in renting her upper West Side apartment.

The only problem: Beth Ann Bovino wasn’t renting it out.

She discovered that someone pretending to be her had placed a real-estate ad on Craigslist using her name, address and even an accurate picture of her brownstone.

The too-good-to-be true ad asked for $1,500 for the one bedroom with a fireplace – utilities included.

So the real Beth Ann Bovino responded to the ad, hoping to put an end to the sham.

“I probably should have gone straight to the cops but I thought I would be Nancy Drew,” said Bovino, 41, an economist at Standard & Poor’s. “That didn’t quite work out.”

[H/t Aaron Showalter & James Owens.]