Selling Out The Kurds

In, what the Iraq Study Group’s suggestions mean for the Kurds:

In a retrograde step, the ISG unapologetically makes five potentially damaging recommendations:

  • suspension and/or gross manipulation of the democratically adopted constitution
  • inhibition of the constitutionally agreed referendum on the fate of the arabised city of Kirkuk, representing yet another major betrayal of the Kurds
  • centralisation of power in Baghdad, in a return to dictatorial central government
  • rewarding extremists by their integration into the Iraqi state machinery
  • reaching out to appease terrorists and their sponsoring countries.

Thus, the US’s arch-enemies – Iran, Syria, al-Qaida, Muqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi army and Saddamists – are among the winners; so, too, are Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan. Bush’s policymakers and their main Iraqi allies (Kurds and some Shi’a) are the chief losers.