Price on Request

From The Village Voice:

Baker_1 Just in time for the holidays comes a show about money. The brave German communist John Heartfield’s photomontages include a 1932 image of Hitler, his arm lifted in a Nazi salute as a corpulent businessman hands him cash; the deadpan caption is lifted from the führer-to-be’s own propaganda slogan: “Millions Stand Behind Me.” Another of these sepia-tinted images features a Christmas tree with the branches bent into swastikas. One of Peter Kennard’s Cold War–era images riffs on a James Bond–style tableau of jet-setters who crowd a casino table, using ICBMs for chips. Shirin Neshat’s color photograph is a symphony of contrasts: a woman in a flowing black burka walks past the white poured-concrete curves and geometric grids of a postmodern building. Particularly powerful is a 2002 print by Dennis Adams, in which the headline “PAYBACK” is discernible on a tabloid sheet tumbling through a cloudy sky. Flotsam from a hijacked plane? A burning tower? An American bomber?

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