Election Tallies

On the day following the elections, DeLong offers this observation:

I wrote:

One way to look at last night’s election is that the implicit gerrymandering of the Senate and the in-the-tank-ness of the press corps are keeping people from realizing how big the blowout was. Consider this: it looks like 32,100 thousand Americans voted for Democratic Senatorial candidates, and only 24,524 thousand Americans voted for Republican Senatorial candidates. That’s a 13.4% margin of Democratic victory.

Hoisted from comments are Mo:

Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal: Fair and Balanced Almost Every Day: 32,100,000 vs. 24,524,000: Here are the totals for the complete Senate, using Brad’s numbers for last night:


21,428,784 18,665,605 02

37,645,909 38,164,089 04

32,100,000 24,524,000 06


91,174,693 81,353,694