Dennett, Dawkins, and now E. O. Wilson

Ragan Sutterfield in Plenty Magazine:

Screenhunter_4_14E.O. Wilson is a true believer. An eminent Harvard entomologist and author of more than twenty books, Wilson is a naturalistic humanist for whom science is the source of all wisdom, and the best answer to humanity’s basic problems. Speaking with a fervor worthy of a fire-and-brimstone preacher, Wilson writes in his new book The Creation that science “generates knowledge in the most productive and unifying manner contrived in history, and it serves humanity without obeisance to any particular tribal deity.”

Wilson believes in science with as deep and abiding faith as any religionist. Who better to appeal to, then, than a Southern Baptist minister to save the creation—one fundamentalist to another?

Wilson’s new book, The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth, is a passionate and erudite plea. Written as a letter to an imaginary Southern Baptist minister Wilson ranges from detailed descriptions of the wonders of nature to guidance on how biology should be taught in the schools.

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