Nussbaum on Sectarianism in India

Via Political Theory Daily Review, in IndoLink:

A forthcoming book by a distinguished Professor at the University of Chicago claims that the “Hindu Right” has created a pervasive “anti-Muslim feeling in India that is deeply alarming,” and goes on to implicate it in Muslim “genocide” and complicity in the “murders of thousands.”

Martha Nussbaum reveals that she has been verbally attacked in the U.S. for her stance and expects to be attacked again as a result of this latest book.

While author Nussbaum asserts that the principal aim of her book is to show that in India “the perpetrators of violence are not Muslims…, but Hindus who sought their ideology in Fascist Europe,’” she also acknowledges that part of the story she explores in her book will involve “unraveling the complicated connections between the Hindu right in India and the expatriate community in the United States, which surely need careful scrutiny and further inquiry.”