The Subtle Science Short Story challenge

From The Guardian:

Subtlescience256 In May, the London’s Science Museum’s Dana Café played host to a unique event in which writers were invited to meet and talk with four leading scientists about their research. The participants were then invited to write a short story that touched on some of the science they had heard about, and enter it into the Subtle Science Short Story challenge, a competition judged by a panel led by the author and former writer-in-residence at the Science Museum, Lavinia Greenlaw.

The entries were assessed on the skill with which they combined scientific ideas or settings with elegant, high-quality writing. Here are the winners.

Alexis Clements has been writing fiction for several years and is currently working towards a masters in philosophy and history of science at the London School of Economics. In her story, the actions of the unnamed narrator and her partner in the field of research science are given ominous resonance through the fact that they are never fully disclosed.
Lane Ashfeldt has had her short fiction featured in the 2005 anthology Tell Tales II, and is currently completing her first novel. Her story considers the working lives of scientists.

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