What He Could Do for His Country

From The Washington Post:Kennedy

LET EVERY NATION KNOW: John F. Kennedy in His Own Words By Robert Dallek and Terry Golway.

JACK KENNEDY: The Education of a Statesman By Barbara Leaming.

The generation of Americans who were teenagers and young adults when John F. Kennedy was inaugurated — the idealists who were the most likely to have asked what they could do for their country — is starting to grow old. As the lives that were inspired by JFK’s presidency begin to slow, Kennedy may suffer in the opinion polls that have consistently placed him among the four or five greatest chief executives, ranking him up there with Washington, Lincoln and FDR despite his abbreviated presidency and lack of major legislative accomplishments. These books focus on the two outstanding features of his time in the White House — his rhetoric and his statesmanship — and together they make a convincing case against any demotion.

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