Science book winner donates prize to David Kelly’s family

From The Guardian:Kelly_2

In an unprecedented politicisation of the most prestigious prize for popular science books, the winning author pledged to donate his £10,000 prize to the family of the late government scientist David Kelly. David Bodanis, who was awarded the Aventis science book prize last night, said he hoped his gesture would, “tell some people in England something about the importance of truth.”

“Science is all about truth. There’s one realm where a lot of people feel that truth hasn’t come out and truth is known but it hasn’t been acknowledged,” he told the Guardian. Alluding to Dr Kelly’s death following comments he made to a journalist about Iraq war intelligence Dr Bodanis said, “[Dr Kelly] was aware of what was really going on and the government lied and tried to feel they could suppress the truth. Events have clearly shown that they were wrong and he was right.”

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