Put away the heavy lifting, stash the winter doldrums — it’s time for the fresh books of spring.

From The Washington Post:

Books_3 In spring all things seem possible. Or so you might think when you walk into a bookstore and shelves greet you with bright, new titles clamoring for attention. Publishers know very well that, come spring, anything goes. It’s the time of year readers are inclined to entertain books that are somewhat beyond their normal fare — perhaps wholly different, even a wee bit crazy. As Emily Dickinson wrote, “A little Madness in the Spring/Is wholesome even for the King.” So here are some of the season’s offerings; let the madness begin. Here is a short list of books we’ll be watching from April through early June.

Absurdistan , by Gary Shteyngart (Random House, May). The author of the very funny The Russian Debutante’s Handbook offers a quirky story about “Snack Daddy,” a grossly overweight man stranded in an unstable East European country, trying to make his way home to America.

Academy X , by Anonymous (Bloomsbury, June). An English teacher in an elite Manhattan prep school is besieged by pushy parents, besotted with the librarian and very badly in trouble with his boss.

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