Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel Condemns “Censorship” Of Scientists; Calls Current Climate For Science As “Disastrous” As McCarthy Era

From Medical News Today via Majikthise:

ErickandelKandel’s remarks came during an interview with Science & the City, the webzine of the New York Academy of Sciences, about his new memoir, In Search of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind (Norton, March 2006).

“There’s very little funding, there’s political censorship about what one does and how one speaks about it,” he said. “I think the scientific community is extremely concerned about the future of this country given the restrictions on science at the moment.”

He added later that these restrictions are “all the more tragic since biomedical research is at a wonderfully productive point right now and in a position to have a profound impact on the treatment of disease. Moreover, the country is training the next generation of scientists and unless more funding is forthcoming, we cannot assure their future or the American leadership in science.”

Science & The City spoke with the 76-year-old Columbia University professor of Physiology and Cell Biology at the launch of his new book at the Academy Readers & Writers lecture series. Kandel is a member of the Academy’s President’s Council.

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