Dear Readers, last chance to vote for 3QD!!!


UPDATE 03/26/06: Polls for the Koufax Awards close today. Please vote now!

Of the more than 300 semi-finalists each in the Best Group Blog and the Blog Most Deserving of Wider Recognition categories, 3 Quarks Daily has made it into the top 10 finalists in each, thanks to your earlier votes! If all our readers vote for us one more time, we can actually win this, we think, and that would get us some needed attention. The competition is very tough this time, and we need every vote!

So, I must ask you to vote for us AGAIN, one last time, by sending an email to with the word “Koufax” in the subject line, and in the body of the email, put the following line:

I vote for 3 Quarks Daily for Best Group Blog AND Blog Most Deserving of Wider Attention.

Please just do it NOW, as the voting is not open for long. Thanks a million!