3 Quarks Daily wins “Best Non-European Weblog” in AFoE’s 2nd Annual European Weblog Awards!

Screenhunter_3_1Thanks to everyone who voted for us. We won in a landslide, getting more votes than the other nine nominated sites combined! Do check out the other weblogs in the various categories. There are some very good ones. From A Fistful of Euros:

Here are the winners of the 2nd Annual European Weblog Awards, also known as the Satin Pajamas:

Most Underappreciated Weblog: Metamorphism by Mig
Best Central European Weblog: All About Latvia by Aleks
Best Expat Weblog: Petite Anglaise by Petite
Best Personal Weblog: Petite Anglaise by Petite
Best French Weblog: Journal d’un avocat by Eolas
Best German Weblog: Atlantic Review by various
Best UK Weblog: A Welsh View by Robert Gale
Best CIS Blog: Neeka’s Backlog by Veronica Khokhlova
Best Southeastern European Blog: Argumente by Dragos Novac
Best Culture Weblog: Amateur d’art by Lunettes Rouges
Best Writing: Bric a blog by the widow Tarquine
Best New Weblog: La Poulette by Poulette
Best Humor Weblog: My Boyfriend Is A Twat by Zoe
Best Non-European Weblog: 3 Quarks Daily by various
Best Expert or Scholar Weblog: Early Modern Notes by Sharon Howard
Best Political Weblog: European Tribune by various
Life Time Achievement Award: Neil Gaiman

and finally (drumroll) …

Best Weblog: Neil Gaiman’s Journal by Neil Gaiman

You can still see all the finalists and their share of votes on the award page. They’re all worth a visit. Last years winners are here.

Congratulations, everyone!

UPDATE: And speaking of awards, it seems we have won another one. [ 🙂 ] Check this out from The Nonist:

here are my bloggers choice award picks for 2005:

    the i’ll be damned! award
for the blog whose content i found consistently cool.
(tie) we make money not art / future feeder

    the my head hurts award
for the blog whose content i found consistently thought provoking.
(tie) the huge entity / 3 quarks daily

    the golden section award
for the blog whose content i found consistently beautiful.
giornale nuovo

More here.