Introduction to GOP D.C.

From The New Republic:

Img_052020wash20monument20with20capitol2Washington, D.C., is the most powerful city in the world, a capital lined with grand monuments and crowded with intimidating VIPs. And, to the average visitor, it can also be a confusing place–one where it’s difficult to understand the difference between Viveca Novak and Bob Novak, between a Choctaw and a Coushatta, between Official A and Representative #1. The Rough Guide to GOP D.C. seeks to demystify this town. You won’t just visit slabs of marble and imbibe the spirit of democracy; you’ll eat and drink in the skyboxes and hotel rooms where democracy is actually subverted (ahem, we mean practiced). You won’t just learn about our nation’s great legal system; you will snap photos of the actual spots where famous Washingtonians broke the law. While other guides explain how politicians win elections, you’ll learn how they abuse power. After five years of George W. Bush’s presidency and eleven years of GOP rule in Congress, Republicans have permanently altered the city’s culture and character. This is a guide to the new Washington they have created.

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