Hugh Miles on Al-Jazeera

Johan Ugander writes to me from Sweden:

I would like to share a speech that aired on Swedish television with  the readers of 3qd. In Sweden, we have something called “Stora  Journalistpriset”, or the “Big Journalism Prize”. During this year’s prize ceremony, the keynote speaker was one Hugh Miles, who was 
involved in the 2004 “Control Room” documentary, and author of the  recent book “Al Jazeera: How Arab TV News Challenges America.”

The complete speech is available on the internet, and I found very enlightened. It is linked from, by clicking on “Se Brittiske Journalisten High Miles föreläsning  om al-Jazira.”

The video begins with a 2:05 Swedish Introduction, followed by a 4 minutes excerpt from “Control Room”, followed by a spectacular 34 minute speech by Hugh Miles. This is then followed by 6 minutes of Q&A. After the 2 minute introduction everything is in English, and I 
highly recommend it to you and all your readers.

So if there is any reasonable way you can find to link to a video that has a 2 minute non-English introduction, followed by a gold mine of insight, please do.

The best way I could think of was to include your introduction to the video. Thanks, Johan.