3QD Hosting Service (Typepad) Suffers Meltdown

Dear Readers,

As many have noticed and emailed me about, 3 Quarks Daily has lost the last five days worth of posts. This is because of a disk disaster at typepad, our hosting service. The typepad application went down around midnight, and has just come back up. They are now in the process of republishing all the data from all the sites, but this may take a couple of days. Ultimately, it is hoped that no data will be lost. Please bear with us.


The posts from the last five days have returned, but typepad is slow and behaving somewhat erratically. We are also missing many images on the posts, as you may notice. I think it will be a day or two before everything is completely back to normal. In the meanwhile, please help us finish our interrupted fundraising drive to send a student to college this spring.

Thank you.