‘Mai the Bravest’

From despardes.com:

Mai_3 She may be shy and unread but Mukhtaran Mai has a sharp mind that equips her to match wits with any one. And she demonstrated that in full measure at a public meeting here on Saturday. Challenged by a critic as to how she could justify her recent visit to the White House in search of support for the rights of women around the world when its occupant had waged wars in which thousands of women have been killed. Mai raised her eyes, looked hard at her detractor and quipped, “I live in a small Pakistani village, but I ask you (those who live here) what have you done for the women who are being killed? Have you been able to stop the wars?” She thus turned the argument around with the skill of an accomplished diplomat. The repartee was delivered with a devastating effect; the woman who posed the question was left speechless and looking embarrassed as the packed Cooper Union hall exploded into a thunderous applause. (Photo)

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