Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

From Foreign Policy:

Albert Einstein claimed he never thought of the future. “It comes soon   enough,” he said. Foreign Policy decided to not grant 16 leading thinkers   that luxury. Instead, to mark our 35th anniversary, we asked them to speculate   on the ideas, values, and institutions the world takes for granted that may   disappear in the next 35 years. Their answers range from fields as diverse as   morals and religion to geopolitics and technology. We may be happy to see some   of these “endangered species” make an exit, but others will be mourned.   All of them will leave a mark.

The Sanctity of Life                    Political Parties
By Peter Singer                            By Fernando Henrique Cardos

The Euro                                       Japanese Passivity
By Christopher Hitchens
            By Shintaro Ishihara

Monogamy                                   Religious Hierarchy
By Jacques Attali
                        By Harvey Cox

The Chinese Communist Party     Auto Emissions
By Minxin Pei                                  By John Browne

The Public Domain                     Doctors’ Offices
By Lawrence Lessig                   
By Craig Mundie

The King of England                     The War on Drugs
By Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
      By Peter Schwartz

Laissez-Faire Procreation            Polio
By Lee Kuan Yew
                        By Julie L. Gerberding  

Sovereignty                                   Anonymity
By Richard N. Haass                   
By Esther Dyson

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