Do You Know the Way to Dr. Dre?

From Casa del Ionesco:

What the world needs now: a Burt Bacharach/Dr. Dre collaboration?

from The Independent

Once the world’s smoothest crooner, Burt Bacharach is now collaborating with Dr. Dre and attacking President Bush. He tells John Walsh why he’s swapped easy-listening for tough-talking:

Good article but one minor quibble: Burt is the Sultan of Songwriters, not to mention the undisputed Emperor of Easy, but his crooning is only marginally smoother than the use of sandpaper as a facial exfoliant: that’s why Dionne, Dusty, Tom, Gene, Perry, Jack et alia were let loose on those melifluous melodies. Burt’s exquisitely sophisticated arrangements even made Cilla sound good, though they failed to elevate his own resolutely earthbound vocals. As a songwriter… Burt’s natural habitat is more Mount Olympus than Hasbrook Heights but as a crooner… hell, he’s just another Icarus in diving boots.

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