My need for greed

Sex and drugs and drink and food … enough was never enough for William Leith. Here, the poster boy of binge living tells Tim Adams about a life lived in the grip of excess – and how he finally had his fill.”

From The Guardian:

I first got to know William Leith almost 10 years ago. He came to work at The Observer as a columnist and was preceded by a reputation. Looking back, he was perhaps some years ahead of his time. Before television screens and magazines were filled with the intimate personal confessions of people you did not know, he had written a column for the Independent on Sunday of such startling introspection that he had become a sort of poster boy for a new kind of journalism. In some ways, at The Observer, I recall, he started as he meant to go on: one of his earliest pieces for this paper was a 6,000-word article on masturbation, dwelling principally on his own inevitably tortured history with the subject.

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