documenting upheaval

From The Art

Documenting the Islamic revolution in Iran as an eye witness and active participant, Akbar Nazemi took thousands of photographs out on the streets of Tehran, from the mass protests and rallies during the fall of 1978 to the overthrow of the government the following year. He would record the turbulent events of the day and then develop his film and distribute protest flyers at night. Smuggled out of Iran in the late 80s, when Nazemi emigrated to Canada with his family, these negatives reveal the minute details of one of the greatest political upheavals of modern times, from moments of joy and cooperation among the protesters to instances of rioting and extreme violence. More than 100 of these photographs are on view at the Art Gallery of Windsor, Canada, in Akbar Nazemi: unsent dispatches from the Iranian Revolution (6 August-16 November).