Bret Easton Ellis: The Man in the Mirror


From The New York Times:

DID Bret Easton Ellis really crash a Ferrari while driving naked in Southampton? Was he married? Does he have a son? Did he have dinner at the White House, a guest of George W. Bush? A weeks-long crystal-meth binge? An exclusive orgy? Dates with both Christy Turlington and George Michael? Well, perhaps, at least according to the spellbinding opening chapter of “Lunar Park,” the new novel by Mr. Ellis that features as a protagonist an author of some repute named Bret Easton Ellis. But don’t ask him to sort it out.

“My worry is that people will want to know what’s true and what’s not,” he said recently. “All these things that are in the book – my quote-unquote autobiography – I just don’t want to answer any of those questions. I don’t like demystifying the text.” It is not the first time that Mr. Ellis, 41, has tried to refract the events of his life through those of his characters while at the same time evading attempts to tie the two together. Introduced as the bad boy of American letters, the brattiest of the Brat Pack that included Jay McInerney, Tama Janowitz and other chroniclers of young Reagan-era angst, Mr. Ellis has achieved over the last 20 years a level of notoriety and acclaim that has eluded most of his peers.

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