Journal Ranks Top 25 Unanswered Science Questions

John Roach in National Geographic News:

What is the universe made of? What is the biological basis of consciousness? How long can the human life span be extended?

These are just some of the as-yet-unanswered scientific questions pondered in tomorrow’s special 125th-anniversary issue of the academic journal Science.

Editor-in-chief Donald Kennedy and news editor Colin Norman tasked their staff to list the most challenging questions in science today and then winnow the number to 25.

To make the cut, questions had to be “tough enough and challenging enough and inviting to people who read them” to inspire readers to think about “what the solution[s] might be,” Kennedy said.

More here.  And Levi points out in a comment on this post that Carl Zimmer has links to all 25 essays here, one of which he himself wrote. Thanks, Levi.