Art mobs – awaken your inner art critic

David Gilbert, a professor of communication at Marymount Manhattan College, and a group of his students created iPOD hacks for MoMA’s art collection, in a project called Art Mobs. The project suggests alternative ways of looking (or listening) to the art pieces, with the help of homemade, subversive podcasts.


“But the other day, a college student, Malena Negrao, stood in front of Pollock’s “Echo Number 25,” and her audio guide featured something a little more lively. “Now, let’s talk about this painting sexually,” a man’s deep voice said. “What do you see in this painting?”

A woman, giggling, responded on the audio track: “Oh my God! You’re such a pervert. I can’t even say what that – am I allowed to say what that looks like?”

You can read about it in NY Times, and even add your own DIY art experience to their gallery.