Voters empowered by internet swap shop

Celeste Biever in New Scientist:

“Every time I vote Labour, I know I am voting for someone who is going to lose,” says Martin Allison, a teacher from Guildford, Surrey, where the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties vie for power, but Labour has hardly any support. So in the UK’s general election on 5 May, he and his wife Christine will do something different – they will swap their votes on the internet.

“It’s an ingenious way of getting better value for your vote,” says Essex teacher Jason Buckley, who set up the anti-Conservative, one of several vote-swapping websites, before the 2001 general election. This online political matchmaking has its roots in the US. But ironically, while it has failed to make much of an impression there, it has already had an impact in British elections and could well do again next week.

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