The philosopher of photons

From Nature:

Enlightenment is hard work — especially when you mix philosophy with quantum physics. But the Dalai Lama is always keen to investigate areas of science, no matter how complex they seem. And in 1997, when he wanted to delve into the quantum world, one of the men he invited to India was Anton Zeilinger.Photon

Based at the University of Vienna in Austria, Zeilinger is committed to explaining his work to a broad audience. As a student, he was fascinated by both opera and the mathematical beauty of quantum mechanics. And although Zeilinger, who turns 60 in May, has just revived his old student hobby of playing walk-on parts at the Vienna State Opera House, it was fundamental physics that won his heart. Over the years, his scientific achievements, as well as his communication skills, have made him a media star, at least in his native Austria.

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