More on Alarm Clock Technology

From my post about clocky, you can probably guess that I have problems waking up in the morning.  In contrast to the irritation that clocky may cause–I don’t want to run around looking for a hidden clock first thing in the morning–SleepSmart:

. . . measures your sleep cycle, and waits for you to be in your lightest phase of sleep before rousing you. Its makers say that should ensure you wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

As you sleep you pass through a sequence of sleep states – light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep – that repeats approximately every 90 minutes. The point in that cycle at which you wake can affect how you feel later, and may even have a greater impact than how long or little you have slept. Being roused during a light phase means you are more likely to wake up perky.

SleepSmart records the distinct pattern of brain waves produced during each phase of sleep, via a headband equipped with electrodes and a microprocessor.

(Hat tip to Roop.)