Diane F. Halpern, Alison Gopnik, David Haig on “Pinker vs. Spelke”

If you missed the Pinker vs. Spelke debate, look at it here first. Now there are responses. This is Diane F. Halpern, at Edge.org:

Halpern100Approximately 50% of medical school graduates and 75% of veterinary school graduates are women. Forty-four percent of all PhDs in biology and life sciences are being awarded to women, so women obviously have the innate ability (the term used by Lawrence Summers) to succeed in science. Women are underrepresented in the number of PhDs awarded in mathematics (29%), engineering (17%), and computer/ information science (22%), and overrepresented in the percentage of PhDs in psychology (68%), and health sciences (63%) to give a few other examples. Yet, no one has asked if men have the innate ability to succeed in those academic disciplines where they are underrepresented…

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