Celebrating Einstein: a gorgeous, cheap and nasty, and fabulous, Ballet

Valerie Jamieson interviews Mark Baldwin, choreographer at the Rambert Dance Company in London, and Ray Rivers, professor of theoretical physics at Imperial College London, about a ballet they are collaborating on to celebrate Einstein, in New Scientist:

What do you think of art-science collaborations in general?

MB: Dreary and boring.

RR: Some of them anyway. They don’t have a good history. I’m not saying they aren’t a good idea. They are often done with good intentions, but it’s just the way some of them have been realised. I remember once seeing people dressed in yellow as quarks. Once in a while, I drive past the hall where I saw them and my heart sinks every time.

MB: There has been a piece of theatre recently aimed at children about tearing holes in space and getting lost in them. I didn’t want to go there. I’m not Dr Who.

How is Constant Speed, your new dance for Rambert, different?

MB: Constant Speed isn’t worthy. It is gorgeous, cheap and nasty, and fabulous.

RR: Right from the beginning we were dead against giving a physics lesson.

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