Fragmentation of the Blogosphere

Some very good posts by Sean Carrol at Preposterous Universe today. First, there is this:

A post you shouldn’t miss (and likely have already seen) from Kevin Drum. This is a map of links between political blogs, taken from this study. Blue for liberals, red for conservatives.


There’s been a lot of discussion about the fact that conservatives tend to link to each other more than liberals do; I have no idea why. But the obvious disconnect between the hemispheres is more obvious as well as more interesting: liberal blogs tend to link to each other, as do conservative blogs, and not so much across the divide. (The bloggy version of a phenomenon that has already been noticed in book-buying habits.) And it’s a shame, much as I am guilty of it as anyone else.

Then, there is this, followed by Sean’s schedule for his late night talk show:

  • Mon:Steven Weinberg, Jeanette Winterson, Angelina Jolie
    Musical guest: Medeski, Martin and Wood
  • Tue: Larry Summers, Lisa Randall, Cornel West
    Musical guest: Robert Randolph and the Family Band
  • Wed: Sir Roger Penrose, Jonathan Lethem, Christopher Walken
    Musical guest: The Bad Plus
  • Thu: Richard Dawkins, Tom Stoppard, George Clooney
    Musical guest: Luciana Souza
  • Fri: Gary Wills, Richard Friedman, Sister Wendy
    Musical guest: Leonard Cohen
  • Mon: Sir Martin Rees, Toni Morrison, Shaquille O’Neal
    Musical guest: Jason Moran
  • Tue: Kathleen Sullivan, Karl Iagnemma, Sir Ian McKellen
    Musical guest: Queen Latifa
  • Wed: Donald Rumsfeld, Howard Zinn, Uma Thurman
    Musical guest: Bootsy Collins
  • Thu: Wendy Freedman, Richard Posner, George Carlin
    Musical guest:
    Sergio Assad
  • Fri: Brian Greene, Barak Obama, Jodie Foster
    Musical guest: Either/Orchestra

And check out Michael Bérubé’s post which started the late nite idea, here.