Colonel Kenney-Herbert Slices a Mango

Having before you an iced mango
of a really good variety,
and in perfect condition,
slice off
the upper piece
as you would decapitate
an egg,

with this difference,

that the mango must
be sliced
as it rests
naturally on its side,
lengthwise, and not be set up on end as an egg.

Well, having sliced off this piece,
put it on one side of your plate
and proceed to scoop out the stone.

*   *   *

The driver used the word “thou”

which is


when applied to a white man.

In the clearest, most fluent vernacular, Kim pointed out his error,

climbed on to the box seat, and, perfect understanding established,

drove for a couple of hours up and down, estimating, comparing and enjoying.

*   *   *

Note: The first piece is a “found poem” from a quote in The Raj at the Table by David Burton, the second one is from Kim by Rudyard Kipling.