Spaceward ho

by Dave Maier

EsaAs you know, it is customary at this time of year for connoisseurs of various types of artistic productions to assemble a list of the most noteworthy releases of the preceding twelvemonth. Unfortunately such a task is only possible for those of us who have been industriously keeping up all year, a group among which I am sad to admit that I cannot count myself. So if it's okay, I thought I'd just present a couple of ordinary mixes, which are, I hasten to add, as chock full of primo material as any best-of-year thing. (Previous posts in this series are here and here.)

Our first mix is another in a continuing series of time capsules, featuring space and electronic music from thirty years ago and more (mostly). To the vaults!

Anthony Phillips – Iceflight (i): Glacier Bay Slow Waves, Soft Stars
Neuronium – Viento Solar Vuelo Quimico
Iasos – Creation Inter-Dimensional Music
Gil Melle – Hex The Andromeda Strain ost
PGR – The Flickering of Sowing Time “
Esa Kotilainen – Unisalissa Ajatuslapsi
Franco Battiato – Aries Sulle Corde di Aries
Peter Michael Hamel – Song of the Dolphins Hamel
Daevid Allen – I Am Now is the Happiest Time of Your Life
Ashra – Nightdust New Age of Earth

Anthony Phillips was a founding member of Genesis, back when they were good. In fact, they got even better when he left (in, let's see, 1971 or so) and was replaced (on guitar) by Steve Hackett, whereupon they remained good until 1975, when Peter Gabriel left (although their next album, Trick of the Tail, has its merits, if you like them, which I do). Anyway, Mr Phillips has been cranking out records of his own for years upon years, most of which I have not heard; but this one, from the early 90s I believe, has some nice minimal synth bits on it, one of which gets us started on this mix.

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Spacemusic old and new, plus bonus krautrock

by Dave Maier

It's that time again, cosmonauts! Time, that is, for more mixes of ambient & electronic music from hither and yon, spatiotemporally speaking. (Here's the first installment if you missed it.) [Update: link added for second mix]

Neu-brain-59 First up, here's a Krautrock mix I posted a while back. I don't have a whole lot of comments on this one – everybody knows about Krautrock, right? If not there are a couple of good documentaries floating around (try YouTube). Warning about those though: some of these guys look alarmingly old. Edgar Froese in particular looks and sounds like, well, the senior citizen he actually is by now. This mix is a bit (but only a bit) more rocky than spacy, as I left out the major space bands (Ashra, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze) for another mix – which turned out to be too long for Mixcloud (oh well, we'll get to those guys some other time). I'm not actually a big fan of Kraftwerk's big hit “Autobahn,” which goes on *way* too long, but I put it on because someone had requested it. It's at the end though, and the rest of it is fab, so check it out!

Michael Rother – KM 1/KM 2 Katzenmusik

Neu! – E-Musik Neu! '75

Günter Schickert – Wanderer Überfällig

Can – Future Days Future Days

Roedelius – Veilchenwurzeln Wenn Der Südwind Weht

Popol Vuh – Zwiesprache der Rohrflöte Nosferatu

Kraftwerk – Autobahn Autobahn

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