Israeli Protesters Say They’re Defending Freedom but Palestinians Know Better

Mohammed El-Kurd in The Nation:

As an insider observing this food fight, it is surreal to watch reporters and commentators promote the narrative that the government’s Likud-Jewish Power-Religious Zionism coalition and the Supreme Court exist on extreme opposing ends of the political spectrum. Their differences, when it comes to how they rule over the lives of Palestinians, are purely cosmetic. In essence, one camp wants to eat with their hands while the other wants to mandate forks and knives, but in both scenarios, Palestinian rights will be devoured.

“Ironic” doesn’t begin to describe hearing words like “leftist” and “hyper-activist” in proximity to the Supreme Court, the settler-built and settler-serving institution that has, for decades, authorized and facilitated the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population. Are we all talking about the same court here? Palestinians are forced to engage in a starkly different relationship with the law than the one Jewish Israelis enjoy.

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