Ester Krumbachová’s Unsung Legacy

Jonathan Owen at The Current:

The 1960s saw a remarkable cinematic renaissance in what was then called Czechoslovakia, and Ester Krumbachová was its renaissance woman. Combining the talents of costume, set, and prop designer, screenwriter, and director, Krumbachová contributed to many of the greatest films of the Czechoslovak New Wave, including Daisies (1966), A Report on the Party and Guests (1966), Witchhammer (1970), and Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970). Though these films have long been celebrated for their anarchic imagination and bold political critiques, the woman who perhaps most fully embodied their inventive spirit and sharp moral viewpoint remains all too little appreciated.

Krumbachová has been feted as the “queen of Czech film design” and “the muse of the Czechoslovak New Wave.”

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