Bernie Sanders: Anti-Union Capitalism Is Wrecking America

Bernie Sanders with John Nichols in The Nation:

You won’t hear this discussed on CBS or read about it in the pages of The New York Times, but one of the biggest stories of our time is how, over the course of the past 50 years, this country has witnessed a massive transfer of wealth from low- and moderate-income families to the very rich. Income and wealth inequality is at its highest point since the Great Depression.

I can tell you as a United States senator that the issue of inequality rarely, if ever, gets sufficient attention on the floors of Congress. While we are very good at renaming post offices and acknowledging Super Bowl winners, we don’t often get around to discussing the reality that, after adjusting for inflation, the average worker in America is making roughly $43 a week less today than she made 50 years ago. Think about that.

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