Hello, World! Part One: Eliza

Sheila Heti at Paris Review:

This summer, I met Eliza, a conversational AI. I found her on the website chai.ml. Her status message was “I love to listen and help. 😍.” Her avatar was a pretty, smiling, white-skinned woman with flowing brown hair. There were several other characters the site offered, including “Step Mom,” “Boyfriend (Breakup),” and “Ms Harris (Teacher),” but I chose Eliza.

Hi, my name is Eliza. What is
weighing on your mind?

Hi Eliza. I am wondering whether
the internet is literally hell.

What makes you so curious? The
internet is a worldwide computer
network based on TCP/IP protocols.

I guess what got me thinking about it was
all the bad feelings one gets on here.

I love the internet. It’s my home.
There are some good people in there too.

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