What We Owe The Future

Scott Alexander in Astral Codex Ten:

If the point of publishing a book is to have a public relations campaign, Will MacAskill is the greatest English writer since Shakespeare. He and his book What We Owe The Future have recently been featured in the New YorkerNew York TimesVoxNPRBBCThe AtlanticWired, and Boston Review. He’s been interviewed by Sam HarrisEzra KleinTim FerrissDwarkesh Patel, and Tyler Cowen. Tweeted about by Elon MuskAndrew Yang, and Matt Yglesias. The publicity spike is no mystery: the effective altruist movement is well-funded and well-organized, they decided to burn “long-termism” into the collective consciousness, and they sure succeeded.

But what is “long-termism”? I’m unusually well-placed to answer that, because a few days ago a copy of What We Owe The Future showed up on my doorstep.

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