‘Planta Sapiens’ by Paco Calvo

Rohan Silva at The Guardian:

Plant blindness. That’s what scientists call the way we humans often fail to notice the staggering diversity and complexity of plant life around us. The philosopher Paco Calvo seems to be mercifully free from this affliction – he runs a laboratory in Spain studying plant behaviour, trying to figure out if that half-dead fern that you forgot to water on the windowsill ought to be classified as “intelligent”.

Some flowers turn towards the sun as it tracks across the sky, and some plants close their leaves when touched, but traits like these are generally assumed to be automatic reflexes, no different to the way your leg jerks out when you get tapped on the knee.

In Planta Sapiens, Calvo tries to show us that our green friends do far more than just blindly react.

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