Thomas O’Dwyer, 1943-2022

Over the last four years, Thomas wrote almost fifty essays for 3QD which you can see here. He will be much missed. Here is an obituary from Haaretz:

O’Dwyer had a great sense of humor, his wife Michal said, describing him as a vast “store of knowledge” and “Google before there was Google.”

“When we first started going out, one time on a date we were going to meet at my place and we decided we’d do a poetry reading so I prepared my poetry books and all he had in his hands was his bottle of wine,” she recalled.

Asked where his books were, he replied, “Who says you need a book to do a poetry reading,” and proceeded to recite poems by heart, she said. “He didn’t need a book. He made me laugh so much, so that’s when I fell for him.”

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