Robots Write Pretty Good Poetry

Will T. at The Believer:

Let’s consider where AI poetry is in 2022. Long after Racter’s 1984 debut, there are now scores of websites that use Natural Language Processing to turn words and phrases into poems with a single click of a button. There is even a tool that takes random images and creates haikus around them. You can upload an image of – say, a tree – and the tool will create a simple haiku based around it.

OpenAI, meanwhile, created a haiku bot called DaVinci. All users have to do is ask the bot to write a poem about a particular subject matter – such as clouds – and within less than 3 seconds, the bot will come up with an original, algorithmic haiku. Like, “a white fluffy cloud/ hangs in the sky/ soaring through the air.”

Over in the UK in 2021, experts trained a piece of AI to digest and learn over 500,000 lines of poetry until it came up with the line “a box of light that had been a tree.”

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