Joe Rainey’s Avant-Garde Pow Wow Music

Philip Sherburne at Pitchfork:

The record is an unusual proposition: A rare fusion of pow wow—an Indigenous culture of music and dance—and experimental electronic production that pairs Rainey’s singing with Broder’s synths and wildly abstract beats. Holding it all together are sampled live recordings of pow wow singing and drumming stretching back decades, many of them made by Rainey himself.

Rainey, 35, is a member of the Red Lake Nation of Ojibwe people. Born in Minneapolis, a Native hub, he has been putting pow wows to tape since he was 8 years old. “Being a recorder at the pow wow got me wanting to learn,” he says. (He maintains an extensive archive of these recordings on SoundCloud.) His mother encouraged his education, signing him up for drum and dance activities, and his entry into the world of inter-tribal social gatherings was fostered by Minneapolis’ flourishing Native community.

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