Reader Comments for The New York Times’ “Homestyle Spaghetti Carbonara” Recipe

Todd Levin at Medium:

This recipe was incredibly easy to follow, and a hands-down winner with my family. I followed the directions exactly, except for cutting the parmesan cheese in half because the amount called for in the recipe is insane and repulsive.

Simple, and delicious as written. Tripled the cheese.

chef dorothy
Thanks for the recipe. FYI, works just as well with Prego brand carbonara sauce, Del Monte canned spaghetti, and ham leather.

Annie Oatly
Is there a vegan option? As a vegan (I’m vegan), I consider it my personal responsibility to search for recipes that are clearly dependent on meat and dairy, then ask if there’s a vegan option.

More here.  [Thanks to Dahlia Lithwick.]