It turns out that striving for a unified America actually pulls us farther apart

Robert B. Talisse at ARC Digital:

Our differences over policy are substantial, but they’re far less severe than we realize. Although we believe the country to be especially divided, we are no more at odds over policy than we were 40 years ago. This is because we tend to systematically misunderstand our oppositions’ political views.

Our divide lies not in policy disputes and competing legislative priorities, but rather in the fact that we dislike our opponents more intensely than ever.

This means that we strongly tend to see partisan rivals as depraved, untrustworthy, immoral, misguided, and dangerous, even when it comes to behaviors that are arguably nonpolitical. Consequently, we tend to judge nearly everything those on the other side do as objectionable, even in the case of actions that we approve of when committed by our allies.

Given these conditions, we should expect Biden’s call for unity to inflame our partisan divisions. Here’s why.

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