What it’s like shooting with a camera that costs as much as a Tesla

Stephen Shankland at CNET:

The camera costs $58,990, including a 70mm lens made by Phase One partner Rodenstock. If you want the 23mm, 32mm or 50mm lenses, expect to pony up another $11,990 each. A newer 90mm Rodenstock lens for more distant subjects is $13,000 (and another telephoto lens with a longer focal length is on the way, too). The kit I tried, with the camera and four lenses, had a total price tag of about $95,000.

That’s a lot more money than the vast majority of photographers will shell out, of course. But sometimes people spend big on their passions, whether it’s cars, clothes, travel or home entertainment systems. And professional photographers have their own calculations when it comes to factors like image quality, hourly billing rates and staying competitive.

Cameras from mainstream manufacturers accommodate poster prints. The Phase One XT lets you go even bigger.

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