Epistemology, Probable Belief and Carnap

Darren Bradley interviewed by Richard Marshall in 3:16:

3:16:  What made you become a philosopher?

Darren Bradley: It was so much fun. It was more a question of would anything stop me from being a philosopher. I picked up Smullyan’s ‘What is the name of this book?’ at about 13, my Dad bought me ‘Sophie’s World’ a year or two later, and I think I found ‘Labyrinths of Reason’ in the school library. I definitely wanted to do philosophy at university and thought it would be useful to combine it with economics at LSE. Taking philosophy classes was even better than I expected. Craig Callender taught the introductory philosophy course – focused on paradoxes like time travel and personal identity – and I remember watching him giggle his way through the lectures, unable to understand how thinking about these things was considered work. It was clear I was going to carry on doing philosophy for as long as possible, and I find it amazing that I’m still doing it more than 20 years later.

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