Little Christo

Neda Neynska at the LRB:

100,000 square metres of fabric was used to wrap the Reichstag in 1995. Christo and Jeanne-Claude said at the time that the project was born out of his ‘acute interest’ as a political refugee in the relationship between East and West: ‘Here they meet in the most dramatic way.’ The event received wide press coverage, like all their projects, but was also the subject of a personal documentary about Christo and Anani. Standing beside the wrapped Reichstag, leaning against the remains of the Berlin Wall, Anani, by then a famous actor, is anguished: ‘I never had Hristo’s energy. He left with a pencil in his pocket and made it. I never dared.’

The film also includes plenty of cigarette smoking, moody lighting, and dinner table conversations about life and chance. ‘Hristo, I think there is a deep psychological moment here,’ Jeanne-Claude says at one point.

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